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Nanovere Technologies is the global leader in the development & manufacturing of industrial nanocoatings with “multi-functional” surface properties. 

Nano-Clear® Coatings were designed to dramatically enhance and extend the service life of “Newly Painted” & Oxidized Painted” assets by 10+ years! 

Nano-Clear® dramatically improves resistance to corrosion, scratch, chip, mar, abrasion, weathering, chemical and long term UV damage for painted assets.

Nano-Clear® is a thin-film, high performance product designed to be applied as a clear topcoat over 2K epoxies, 2K polyurethanes, powder coatings, polyesters, gel coats, e-coats, latexes, fibreglass, anodized aluminum (to prevent filiform corrosion, etc.) and concrete.

PaintSquare Prestige Award
Frost & Sullivan
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The benefits of green alternatives include reduced demand and usage of toxic, harmful, non-green products.

Extend asset longevity
Reduce maintenance, operating costs and downtime
Reusable (refillable) & recyclable packaging
Comitted to the circular economy
Nano-Clear® Industrial Coating (NCI)
Is the only industrial coating in the global marketplace to enhance, restore, and extend the service life of freshly coated (newly painted) and oxidized (previously painted) surfaces by 10+ years. Nano-Clear® will also dramatically improve corrosion, scratch, abrasion, chemical, and UV resistance.
High Crosslink Density
It has been proven to generate highly functional surface properties, including unmatched corrosion, scratch, abrasion, weathering, UV, chip, water and chemical resistance. This also yields low surface energy, repelling water (hydrophobic) and aiding in the release of ice, dirt, oil, grease, brake dust, graffiti, soot, and numerous other forms of organic and inorganic surface fouling.
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