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Nano-Clear South Africa About Us

Nano-Clear SA is the sole distributor for Nano-Clear® Industrial Coating products in South Africa and we are committed to providing the ultimate in surface protection with unique clear topcoat solutions based on densely cross-linked, 3D nano-structured, plural polymer chemistry technology.

Our multifunctional products restore oxidized (previously painted) as well as new (freshly painted) surfaces, and work in a complementary manner to greatly enhance the protective capabilities of conventional coating products.

The industry award winning technology our product line is built around significantly extends asset service life, reduces costs, and increases ROI, while also being eco-innovative & eco-responsible.

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Tom Choate Nanovere

Founder Message

“Nanovere Technologies is dedicated to solving complex coating application issues as the world’s leading developer of nanostructured multi-functional nanocoatings. Our success will be measured by our first-to-market approach, innovation focus, market share, value based partnership and customer referencing. We will only achieve these objectives through listening and quickly responding to the needs of our partners and customers”.

~ Thomas Choate

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Our Mission

Nanovere Technologies specializes in the research, development and manufacturing of first-to-market nanocoatings with multi-functional properties. Our nanocoatings were specifically designed to restore, enhance and extend the lifecycle of important surfaces. 

Nanovere’s mission is to develop first-to-market nanocoatings with multi-functional properties including; extreme scratch resistance, UV and chemical resistance, remarkable flexibility and self-cleaning properties.

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Nanovere has developed a complete platform of market-ready 3D nanostructured polymers and multi-functional nanocoating formulations. Nano-Clear nanocoatings have been proven to be the most scratch, chemical and UV resistant in the coating industry.

Nanovere has strategic relationships with end-use customers, paint manufactures, material suppliers and global distributors. Our business model supports the entire value chain through joint cooperation. Our 3D nanostructured coating polymers and nanocoating systems have been validated by global leaders in each industry we serve.

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